We provide Land Surveying Services throughout the UK using the latest surveying equipment to the highest levels of accuracy.

We can produce the data collected to suit our clients requirement.

MFM have a wealth of knowledge in Civil Engineering Projects & Contracts, working with many of the large companies which gives us a high level of understanding of the needs of a design team.

We also specialise in volumetric surveying and reporting with a proven track record of producing high level detailed reports and cut-fill calculations.

Topographical Surveys

Engineering & Volumetric Surveys

We can preform laser scanning surveys for a range of projects, whether it's a full structure survey, elevations, pipe works or earthworks.

Building Surveys

We provide Building Surveys throughout the UK. These include Floor Plans, Elevations & Sections that provide the important information for Designers and Architects.

Site Enginnering

We provide professional experienced site engineering for clients. Using the latest equipment and software we are able to preform tasks quickly but without compromising quality and accuracy to keep contracts moving forward.

We also have a proven track record of training and assisting our clients existing engineering teams to better their abilities for the good of both the member of staff and the client. 

We can transfer 3d Point cloud Surveys or other surveys into 3d cad models to help with design or visualisation presentations

Laser Scanning Surveys


3D Modelling