MFM where tasked with surveying and existing property and surrounding area, including the sea defences to assist in flood planning and determining the high and low points of the surrounding area. The two images below show the topographical survey and a height band drawing showing the high and low points of the surrounding area.

Watercourse  Surveying 

Site Engineering  - Setting Out Dwellings  

Laser Scan Survey of an Existing Barn in Norfolk  & Provide a full set of Existing Elevations Drawings, Floor Plan & Reflective Ceiling Plan

Client required the existing watercourse surveying with long section and cross section drawings produced to assist in future design works.

Topographical Survey - Heacham, Norfolk

We where tasked by our client to produce a full set of existing structure drawings of an existing barn that was to be developed into a residential property. Due to the 'twist' in the existing structure MFM opted to laser scan the existing internal structure to assist in providing detail drawings.